Maskup hygienic is a soft, transparent face shield that protects against makeup stains and contaminants left on the clothes you are trying on.

Go shopping with maskup hygienic and limit your face’s contact with the fabric of your clothes. Our product will protect you from sebum or dirt left behind by a previous customer. Try on safely and comfortably.

Moreove, maskup solves the problem of staining your clothes with foundation, powder, or lipstick.

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Safety, especially nowadays, is one of the most appreciated values. We demand a high level of comfort while shopping or using services. Maskup hygienic ensures that you feel clean and protected when you shop for clothes.

When shopping, you may find yourself stressing about trying on clothes. After all, you don’t know if the person who previously wore them cares about their health as much as you do. But don’t worry – take advantage of the protection provided by a soft maskup hygienic and wear it while trying clothes on.

You’re probably also familiar with another problem associated with trying on clothes. You find a nice white sweater. You try it on and accidentally leave foundation stains on it. Now you can avoid this embarrassing situation. Using maskup, you will not stain the store clothes with your makeup.

The hygienic maskup is your new friend. With its help, you will take care of your safety, guaranteeing yourself the highest level of comfort while trying on clothes. Choose this type of maskup and enjoy shopping without any stress.

Use it in the store when wanting to try on clothes. With maskup hygienic, you’ll get extra protection from contaminants that may have been left on the store’s clothing.

Maskup hygienic is ideal for people who care about safety while shopping for clothes. If you are concerned about your comfort while trying on clothes, choose the hygienic maskup.

Remember that maskup is not a toy, so protect it from children. Due to some elements (e.g. tying), the product should be used only by adults.

100% cosmetic interlining (PP)
The product is not a medical device.

Maskup is a unique beauty product that contributes to reducing textile waste in the world. How? A large portion of the unsold clothing that stores decide to throw away is clothing stained with makeup by customers while trying it on. By using maskup hygienic, you won’t stain your shirts, sweaters, or blouses with cosmetic products, and you’ll leave behind clean clothes. This way, you protect the environment from the accumulation of textile waste. Moreover, maskup will help you save electricity and water in your home. If you do not stain your clothes with makeup, there will be no need to remove foundation stains. This way, you will use fewer chemicals, water, and electricity.

Find out how we protect the environment in our CSR section.

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